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Plaster Shaft Skylights & Double Glazed Skylights

Plaster Shaft Skylights not only add a beautiful feature to your interiors using design and natural resources, there are numerous benefits to having double glazed skylights in your home!

Double glazed glass is made up of 2 sheets or panes of glass, creating a vacuum between the two. This ensures there is minimal temperature transfer between the interior and exterior of your space. Our double glazed skylights include a low E outer glass, meaning it is energy effient.

Other major benefits to choosing Double glazed skylights:
  • High end style & design, Skylights look fantastic and increase the appeal of your home
  • Safety contributions, double glazed skylights are tough and durable!
  • Double Glazed skylights are very efficient, they provide thermal Insulation, keeping you warmer in winter and cooler in summer!
  • Insulation also minimises any condensation build up
  • Reduction in UV radiation
  • A sustainable resource, reducing your electricity bill
  • Further noise Insulation than standard skylights
  • Reduced sunlight UV exposure to your furnishings and flooring!
There are many other benefits to having double glazed skylights in your home, give us a call today for a quote or to ask any further questions!


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